I AM is a millennial Black woman-owned zine that provides a space for celebration, healing, and education through art in the movement for Black lives. We believe that art is influence, and we place a special emphasis on responsibly highlighting the work of Black creatives. We celebrate the newness and “nowness” of contemporary and emerging artists creating for the present. Simultaneously, we intend to serve as an accessible tool for those striving to be allies to use to educate themselves on anti-racist topics.

How you can support I AM: There are so many ways to contribute, monetarily and otherwise, to the fight against systemic racism. Thank you for meeting us here and choosing to support I AM. Volume 1 of our zine was 100% self-funded by our small team in addition to the generous support from our pro bono partners. As we grow our presence and create additional volumes, we will be relying strictly on donations. It’s critical that we raise funds from you! — our incredible community — so that we can properly compensate our contributors and ensure this project continues.

No matter the dollar value, your generous contribution is so appreciated.
Here is exactly where it will go:

Unable to donate today but still want to get involved? We’d love to hear from you. Email us at hello@iamzine.com or DM us on Instagram @i.amzine.

Our Volume One Team

Francesca Polycarpe
Sara Leeds
Zawadi Rowe

Chiara Rachmanis
Rochelle Jackson

Rebecca Hoskins
Roxy Torres

Kassidy Knight
Zack Schmitz

Volume 1 Contributing Artists
Adam Voorhes
ƒ April Bey
Dave McClinton
Eric Hart, Jr.
Gherdai Hassell
Jerise Fogel
Keith Carter
Mark Clennon
Michael Ray Charles
Natalie Johnson
Orenda Ayashe
Yadesa Bojia

Volume 1 Contributing Writers
Aarianna Barnes
Ankita Bhanot
Catherine Kelly
Chiara Rachmanis
Jelani Ince
Jo Cheng
Kyra Williams
Malika T. Benton
Natalie Johnson
Nicholas Fogle
Sara Leeds
Stacy St. Hilaire
VJ Jenkins
Zawadi Rowe

Special Thanks
to Our Volume 1 Pro Bono Launch Partners & Allies

Pro bono art direction & design for brand identity, website, and Instagram
Roxy Torres, Haley Taylor, DJ Stout of the Pentagram Austin studio

Pro bono PR and fundraising strategy
Ally Bruschi and Bec Speakman

Pro bono business strategy
Julia Haber of WAYV and Home from College

Contribution rules:

  1. Contributions must be made from your own funds or the funds of an authorizing corporation or other entity, and the funds must not be provided by any other person or entity.

*Contributions or gifts to I AM Zine, LLC are not tax deductible as charitable contributions or as business expenses.